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A workshop with DJ Franco Mento

DJ Franco Mento on


Monday 11 February 6:pm onwards
at Kitty Su, New Delhi
Presented in partnership with The Lalit New Delhi

Register for the workshop at 1800 11 6777 / 9971933554
Or contact at kittysu.com

Franco Mento (Music, DJing) first started experimenting on the turntables at the tender age of 13. In 1998 he founded the collective “Tribal Zone – Electronik Swiss Kolletif”. In the beginning of 1999 he brought out his first maxi on vinyl on his own label “Tribal Zone” and made his first live performance. Later the same year he played with Fabric Lig (F-Com, Ray Gun) who asked him to re-mix one of his tracks, brought out on the German label Ray Gun. In 2000, after some of his tracks were heard at the ADE in Amsterdam, Franco signed a track to an Asian Compilation “Europe Party 1” for a company based in Taipei that sold throughout southern Asia and Japan.

From 2000 -2004 Franco performed at numerous festivals and clubs throughout Switzerland such as; Dolmen Jazz Gallery, D! Club, VeauDoux, EMCS, MOA, RKC, La Trappe, Bleu Lézard, FNAC, Festival Jazz Onze Plus, L’Usine & Street Parade. During this time he created music for three short films, brought out two new Cds for his own label and started collaborating in the studio with artists such as; Vincent Zanetti, Fabrice Lig, Pascal Rinaldi, the girls from La BlablaTek & Phil Parnell. He has brought out 2 tracks on the German digital label HarryKlein Networks which were downloaded over 40’000 times. In 2006 he founded Printemps Digital, the collective and record shop in his home town.

Solo on stage, Franco Mento improvises his live act using everyday objects for direct sound sampling as well as organic sounds and binds them with powerful, broken, upbeat rhythms, deep pulsating baselines and clicks ‘n cuts, which result in an uncommon, yet groovy style.

He has shared the scene with artists such as; Emilie Simon, Luciano, Smash TV, Fabrice Lig, Natacha Atlas, Gonzalez Disfunktion, Division Kent, Louis Austin, Moby.

He has many projects cooking and plays live and improvises with many acclaimed artists such as Yannick Barman (with whom he formed the Live act F::R::Y::K), Vincent Zanetti, Jean Phillipe Zwahlen, Yves Messy, Laurent Bruttin, Cyril Regamey, Laurent Waeber, KiKu, Eugène Kovax, Malcolm Braf …

He has toured countries such as France, Belgium, Poland, China, Africa, Kazakhstan, and Kyrghistan.