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Visual Arts

Ankur Yadav on Residency in Switzerland


“Where sun is an enemy”, video still, single channel with sound, 2022.
Image courtesy Ankur Yadav. 

Ankur Yadav
Photo courtesy the artist

Ankur Yadav is an artist and researcher based in Rajasthan, India.  His practice is ever-evolving and nomadic, traversing various issues and concerns in a continual journey of finding methods and materials for producing multiple forms of subjectivities of sustenance. Recently, engaging with people, stories, and incidents within the community have become critical to his practice, through works that seek to address the social oppressions on individuals stemming from patriarchal structures. He also engages in researching alternative modes of economy involving practices of sharing. In other projects, questions about the exploitation of land and people by creating a situation of viewing near mining operations are probed, and an earlier series looks closely at the systems of hierarchical and dominating colonial knowledge structures by constructing an alternate space of ambiguity.

“My interest in the residency at Rote Fabrik stems from the many museums surrounding it, especially the Reitberg museum which displays South Asian, African, American, and Oceanian art,” says Ankur, who aims “to examine the lenses through which history is seen via dioramas, their inclusions, and exclusions.”

“I want to use this opportunity to investigate my questions surrounding dioramas, their subjective viewings, and the agencies through which we see and perceive the foreign objects of history,” adds Ankur.