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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions related to myprohelvetia

What browsers does myprohelvetia.ch run on?

The application runs on all commonly used browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari).

What platforms does myprohelvetia.ch run on?

myprohelvetia.ch runs on Windows and on Mac operating systems.

What data formats can I upload?

There is no restriction as to data formats.

Is there any restriction with regard to the size of a file I want to upload?

Yes, there is. A single file may not exceed 10 megabytes. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the upload of your documents may take a certain time.

Questions related to eligibility

I am a Sri Lankan visual artist. Can I apply for the residency programme in Switzerland through the Pro Helvetia New Delhi office?

Pro Helvetia New Delhi is the liaison office of the Swiss Arts Council in South Asia. Artists holding nationalities of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are eligible to apply. Please note that it is essential that the artist be residing in his/ her home country at the time of application.

I am a creative writer with considerable number of years of experience behind me. Is this Residency open to creative writers as well?

Yes, the Residency is open to artists from visual arts, performing arts and applied arts as well as to writers, curators, musicians, organisers and art mediators. However, please note that your proposal should exhibit an intent to collaborate with a Swiss partner.

What are the cities and partner spaces in Switzerland that I can apply for?

The cities in Switzerland to be filled in are placeholders for the application. The recipient of the residency award will be matched by the Pro Helvetia team with the most suitable city and residency space as per the artist’s field and individual practice.

What does one fill in the text box under the name of person performing the residency?

The 4000 word tab is merely a suggestion. A CV as attachment would also suffice.

How does one select the starting and end dates of the three month long residency?

The dates for the residency can be suggested by the applicant as per their convenience at this stage. The Pro Helvetia team attempts to get residency spaces as per the convenience of the artist but this largely also depends on the availability of space and dates at the residencies in Switzerland.

Is it essential to know either German, French or Italian to be eligible to apply for the Residency programme?

No. It is not essential to know German, French or Italian. However, a good working knowledge of English is essential.

I am a Design student. Do I need to have some work experience in my field, before I can apply for the Residency programme?

Students are not eligible to apply. You are advised to build on your portfolio and have a substantial body of work before you consider applying. You need to be a full fledged practising art practitioner for the Residency.

What is the difference between a Studio Residency and a Research Trip?

A studio residency (max. 3 months) gives artists the chance to gain a broad insight into a different cultural environment. The aim of the residency is to find inspiration, establish networks and contemplate new projects and cooperations. The deadline for the 2021 studio residency is March 1, 2020.

A research trip is shorter (max. 4 weeks) and enables artists and cultural practitioners to carry out research. The aim of the research trip is to prepare an exchange project. The research trip application has a rolling deadline. You can apply at any time.

Is there an age limit after which artists are not eligible to apply?

No, there is no age limit. The Residency programme is meant to support art practitioners who are willing to engage with new cultures.

Whom does one select, as a referee, for the application?

An ideal referee would be someone from your area of speciality and/ or a prominent figure who knows your work well and has engaged with it.

What is the profile of the artists who have already been on the Residency programme?

To view a list of both South Asian and Swiss artists who have been on the Residency programme click here.

Is the Residency programme open to physically challenged artists?

The Residency programme is open to all. The jury selects the candidate for the Residency depending on merit and on being able to find an appropriate partner in the host country.

My spouse and I want to apply for the Residency together and are keen to be selected together. Is that a possibility?

Each artist is assessed individually by the jury.

I am a Swiss artist currently residing in India. Do I still need to apply through Pro Helvetia Zurich for a Residency in India?

All applications have to be submitted via myprohelvetia, Pro Helvetia’s online portal. Visit www.myprohelvetia.ch for details.

Will Pro Helvetia New Delhi facilitate with visa processing?

Yes. Pro Helvetia New Delhi will assist in processing of the visa. However, it is the artist’s responsibility to submit the required documents well in time.

Can my spouse and child join me during the Residency?

Pro Helvetia covers costs for the selected artists only. Spouses and children are allowed to join the artists only if the host institutions are agreeable and additional costs and arrangements are met by the artists.

Does the Residency cover medical insurance for the duration of the time spent in Switzerland?

Pro Helvetia covers medical insurance for the artist for the duration of the time spent in the host country. However terms and conditions apply. It is important that the artist share any long-term medical condition prior to their departure.

Can I apply again in case my application of the previous year was unsuccessful?

Yes, you can apply again and submit your application form for the next application process. However, your application should include new aspects.

I am organising a residency programme for international artists in India and would like to invite a Swiss artist. Whom should I contact for assistance?

Please contact Pro Helvetia New Delhi. Contact details are available on www.prohelvetia.in