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Ashok Vish | Residency 2019

Switzerland | Photography, Visual Arts

1 - 20 August 2019 — Photography, Visual Arts

Drawing from his training in filmmaking and interests in image-making, Ashok Vish’s practice opens up spaces for engagement between audience and imagery, between viewers and subjects, to bridge chasms separating “us” from “them”. His research interests include queer narratives from South Asia and diasporic boundary-crossing identifications that emphasize the significance of postcolonial, ethnic, racial, religious, class, caste and linguistic formations in addressing questions related to the representation of alternative genders and sexualities.

Ashok Vish is also interested in examining and disputing Western bias in queer paradigms and Western models of global queerness. By doing so, he aims to highlight the growing presence of queer subjectivity and the recreation of cultural identities through lived and mediated realities in South Asia. Research around cyber-ethnographic studies and the influence of pop-culture supplement his practice.