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Boris Nikitin | Research Residency 2013

India | Visual Arts

10 October - 3 November 2013 — Visual Arts

Theatre director, writer, installation artist and director of the festival “It’s The Real Thing”. Nikitin studied at the Institute for Applied Theater Studies in Giessen/Germany.

Nikitin’s works are a mix between lecture performance and illusion theatre, jumping from the highly conceptual to great theatricality, playing with the boundaries between offensive dilettantism and acting virtuosity. The projects play with the concepts of acting putting them into question. Also they play with the framing of the performance itself, with the codes of theatre, perception, spectatorship as well as with the boundaries between reality and theatre. For the international exhibition “insert14” in Delhi, curated by Raqs Media Collective he developed a casting-installation (in collaboration with the Indian artist Zuleikha Chaudhari) in which actors and actresses who were looking for a job were presenting their skills during one week in a loop.

In his latest works Nikitin deals with the relationship between art and disease. For the project “X-Appartment Athens” (2015) he developed a room installation and a video in the hospice “Asylon Aniaton”. The video and some of his sculptural works have been exhibited in the same year at the exhbibition “summe” in Basel.
Also his most recent project “Hamlet” that premiered in fall 2016 deals with disease and reality.

In April 2017 the third edition of his festival “It’s the real thing” will take place in Basel.

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