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Bruno Steiner | KYTA | Home-Not-Alone Residency 2020

Switzerland | Visual Arts

17 November - 20 December 2020 — Visual Arts

Bruno Steiner is an artist based in Basel, Switzerland. Since his youth Bruno Steiner has been in the field of illustration. Posters and postcards were his first self-made tasks. The dynamics of lines, shapes and spaces form the basis of his drawing language and are an irreplaceable means of communication. Whether analogue or digital, he can draw, paint, research, reject, vary.

Bruno expresses his many years of audio-visual experience through different animation techniques. In addition, he creates photo video animations in which the aspects of time perception are central.

Through his work on video he has developed a great preference for sounds, tones, voices, rhythms and loops. In different contexts of video/audio mediation he also acquired a broad basic knowledge for recording and postproduction.

Storyboards are a perfect synthesis of his interests and skills. As a meticulous planner and worker, the advantages of coherent storyboards are clear to him. In interactive projects he visualizes navigation and linking with appropriate means.

He owes his manifold interests to the visually oriented and all absorbing attitude to life. The design projects are exemplary for his interdisciplinary approaches. He benefits from a broad basis, from which he delves into the implementation and execution of individual projects.

The self-discovery of optimal solutions is very important to him. Therefore, he develops low-threshold approaches to multiply his enthusiasm for moving images. He enables experimental handling and promotes the individual awareness of complex interrelationships. With a positive attitude, he creates a playful learning atmosphere in which research and finding is possible.

Artistic projects in public spaces present special challenges. Usually, Bruno sharpens and conveys the idea in a processual way in multi-stage competition procedures. He uses language, text, graphics, animation and sculptural objects. Even if a project is not implemented, it can be successful and can trigger thoughts on different levels.

Read more on his home-note-alone residency with KYTA here.

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