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Dayananda Nagaraju

Switzerland | Visual Arts

October - December 2021 — Visual Arts

Dayananda Nagaraju hails from the South Indian state of Karnataka. He grew up observing the realities of farming and the rapid changes that have been imposed on it by contemporary life.  These observations are part of what has always motivated his artwork.

Central to Nagaraju’s work are large complex drawings representing the interwoven complexity of nature. They take inspiration from common tree knots, rice, rice paddy, everyday farm objects and belief systems related to farming culture. Often these works are meditative, and, to a degree, are about the process of working. Nagaraju uses a variety of mediums for the drawings; watercolor, sepia and black ink, charcoal, pastels, acrylic paint. The styles can vary from very controlled and precise to fast-paced and expressive.

His artwork also includes the reworking of objects traditionally part of farming culture, many of which have become obsolete but symbolically still important.

He paints murals and public artworks for institutions and private businesses. These works range from 3-D op art to depictions of local history.

Nagaraju attended an art college in Mysuru for 5 years, and completed a post graduate program in Bangalore, India.

Follow Nagaraju on instagram at @dayanandanagaraju.