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Farah Mulla

Switzerland | Visual Arts

2 May - 3 June 2022 — Visual Arts

Farah Mulla is a multimedia artist based in Goa. Her background in science overlaps with her art practice that explores the perception of sound and its effects on human neurology and subjectivity. Often investigating different media, she uses the human voice, field recordings and other modes of inquiries to explore aspects of our listening experience and the invisible agency of sound via multiple
modes of perception.

Curious about sensation and perception processes, Farah uses sensorial interfaces in an attempt to deploy a language that gives form to intangible and varied materials. Her research and art practice explores the space in between sensory thresholds, where harmony isn’t present in the environment but fabricated by our
cognition. Approaching the listening experience and the invisible agency of sound via multiple modes of enquiry, she experiments with sensory overlaps and materiality  through different texts, sounds, and circuits, where the interface becomes a site that attributes the work its interactive affordance and form.

Read about Farah’s research trip here.

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