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Marc Lee and Markus Kirchhofer | Research Trip 2020

India | Interdisciplinary, Literature

17 January - 2 February 2020 — Interdisciplinary, Literature


Markus Kirchhofer

Marc Lee creates network-oriented interactive art projects: interactive installations, media art, internet art, performance art, video art, augmented reality (AR) art, virtual reality (VR) art and mobile art. He is experimenting with information and communication technologies and within his contemporary art practice, he reflects critically creative, cultural, social, economic and political aspects.

Markus Kirchhofer was born in 1963 in the Canton of Aargau in Switzerland. His first solo publications, a volume of poems titled “Eisfischen” (2014) and a book of short stories “Der Stachel” (2016), were published by the Knapp Verlag in Switzerland. Apart from his books, Markus Kirchhofer has written columns and been involved in theatre and exhibition making.

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