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Rahel Hegnauer | Studio Residency 2008

India | Visual Arts

29 Nov 2007 - 12 March 2009 — Visual Arts

Residency Location: Bangalore & Delhi
Partner Organisation: Bangaluru Artist Residency One (bar1), Bangalore
& Khoj International Artists Association, Delhi

Rahel Hegnauer was born in Zurich, Switzerland. She lives and works in Zurich and where ever her projects lead her. Her field of work is in the public sphere. How to understand the term public sphere, what does it imply and deal with – is what she is interested in. She sees the public sphere as a dense netting of social, historical and political narratives; – of architecture, economy and ecology.

Her site-specific projects result from her dealing with the history (inclusive of local stories), the urban structures and the architecture of a site.

Especially she is interested in the encounter/confrontation of the European – with the Asian history – and its manifestations. (also in terms of the past history of European colonialism and imperialism and its impact and consequences lasting till this day)

She works in a variety of media depending on the subject and place of realisation of the project.





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