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Saskia Edens | Studio Residency 2019

India | Interdisciplinary (c) Cintorino

27 September - 20 October 2019 — Interdisciplinary

Saskia Edens is an artist based in Basel, Switzerland. She graduated from the Ecole Superieure des Beaux-Arts and the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in Geneva. Edens’ work involves video, painting, molten metal, casting techniques and performances, as well as elements such as fire/heat, water in its various states, earth/clay and breath. What prevails and underlies these different disciplines is energy, gesture, time and what allows changing aggregate states. Ice becomes water, metal solidifies, heat causes metamorphoses.

In her search for fundamental insights, the artist poses questions about matter, but also about the manifestations of culture. Using experimental and archaic methods, she explores the essence of the living, which is reflected in the physical elementary, but also in the beginnings of cultural history. As a means of visualization, she takes up scientific methods and procedures of imaging, which transform the energy of the performative body into images. In many of Edens’ works, the body energy is the catalyst for processes of transformation.