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Sreejata Roy | Studio Residency 2011

Switzerland | Visual Arts

2 April - 30 June 2011 — Visual Arts

Residency location: Basel
Partner Organisation: iaab, Basel

Sreejata Roy is a visual artist and a community art practitioner. During her MPhil studies in media art at the Coventry School of Art and Design, UK (2001-05), Sreejata Roy evolved a culturally embedded personal art practice within her larger investigation of socio-cultural issues via oral history and ethnography, the narration of daily life, and the formation of subjectivity.

As an artist particularly drawn to community-related projects, Sreejata has focused on exploring the new labour practices that have developed in the neo-liberal political/economic environment as an expression and consequence of globalisation. Currently working with Ankur Society for Alternatives in Education, a Delhi-based NGO, she continues her exploration of the relationship of art and public space through a variety of media forms, in collaboration with young people from working-class communities.

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