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Find out more about our current and past artists-in-residence:

23 Dec 2022 - 21 Jan 2023 | Visual Arts

Damian Christinger

Photo credit: Rita Zurbrugg Damian Christinger (*1975, Zurich) studied Global Art History and Intercultural Studies. He now works as an independent curator, writer and lectures at different institutions on transcultural theory and practice, the Anthropocene and indigenous knowledge. His main focus is on the construction of “the Other” in intercultural relations, the nature/human dichotomy in …

Country of residency: India

17 Dec 2022 - 10 Jan 2023 | Interdisciplinary

Robin Meier Wiratunga

Artist and composer, Robin Meier Wiratunga tries to understand the emergence of thoughts and ideas, be it for people, animals, flocks, algorithms or rivers. With a bag of tricks from sound, science and sorcery he composes thinking tools he never quite manages to master. His investigations have been conducted internationally, with partners including Palais de Tokyo, Centre …

Country of residency: India

Dec 2022-Feb 2023 | Visual Arts

Florine Leoni and Jannik Giger

Florine Leoni is a Swiss artist engaged in interdisciplinary, long-term and collaborative projects at the intersection of art, film, photography and performance. Leoni’s artistic practice focuses on exploring and exposing the hidden structures and influences of social and psychological constructs, which are linked to spatial entities and are interwoven with the web of human existence. …

Country of residency: Switzerland, Sri Lanka

9 Dec 2022-17 Jan 2023 | Visual Arts

Stefanie Knobel

Photo credit: Esther Nora Mathis Stefanie Knobel grew up in Switzerland and first studied dance, language and choreography in Bern, Giessen and Paris before working in Fine Arts. Her work pursues a polyphonic breathing that catches up with the technogenic substances in our alienated bodies and brings forth future imaginaries that have yet to be …

Country of residency: India, Bangladesh

3 November 2022 - 30 January 2023

Giulia Essyad

Photo courtesy the artist Giulia Essyad is an artist, poet, and performer. Her practice is characterized by performativity and affect. Her work usually includes photography, video, language, and performances. Essyad’s practice concerns the representation of bodies, online and IRL, and engages with the varied forms of alienation that accompany the consumption and production of body …