Our Offices & Partners Abroad

For detailed information please click on the offices and cultural centres below. For further information on the headquarters in Zurich please go to: www.prohelvetia.ch

South Asian artists awarded residencies

NameType of ResidencyArt formYear
Aqui ThamiSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2023
Imad MajeedKaserne ResidencyLiterature2022
Indranjan BanerjeeRESEARCH TripVisual Arts2022
Ujjwala Maharjan and Yukta BajracharyaSTUDIO ResidencyLiterature2022
Ankur YadavSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2022
Elise LuongRESEARCH TripVisual Arts2022
Rohini DevasherRESEARCH TripVisual Arts 2022
DJ MoCityRESEARCH TripMusic2022
Sandeep TK STUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2022
Bhavna KakarRESEARCH TripCritical Writing2022
Anita Khemka and Imran KokilooSTUDIO ResidencyPhotography2022
Barnali Bose and Soumya Sankar BoseRESEARCH TripPhotography2022
Farah MullaRESEARCH TripVisual Arts2022
Wenceslaus MendesRESEARCH TripVisual Arts2022
Premjish AchariRESEARCH TripCritical Writing2022
Sagar ChhetriRESEARCH TripPhotography / Visual Arts2022
Priyadarshini OholSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2022
Sandev HandyRESEARCH TripVisual Arts 2021
Mizanur Rahman Chowdhury
STUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2021
Dayananda NagarajuSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2021
Shirin ShaikhRESEARCH TripVisual Arts2021
Debashish BorahSTUDIO ResidencyPhotography / Visual Arts2021
Aziz HazaraResidency Visual Arts2020
Blessy AugustineRESEARCH Trip/ Home-Not-Alone ResidencyCritical Writing2020
Dharmendra PrasadSTUDIO Residency / Home-Not-Alone ResidencyVisual Arts2020
Layla GonaduwaSTUDIO Residency / Home-Not-Alone ResidencyInterdisciplinary / Visual Arts 2020
Fazal RizviSTUDIO Residency / Home-Not-Alone ResidencyInterdisciplinary2020
Blessy AugustineRESEARCH TripCritical Writing2020
Gaurav SomwanshiRESEARCH TripInterdisciplinary2020
Thuma Collective Yuyu Myint Than & Shwe Wutt HmonSTUDIO ResidencyPhotography2020
Ashok VishRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2019
Atul KumarRESEARCH ResidencyTheatre2019
Aarti SunderRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2019
Anupam RoySTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts / FICA2019
Najrin IslamRESEARCH ResidencyTAKE Writer's Residency2019
Bunu DhunganaRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts / South Asia Incubator2019
Birender Kumar YadavSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2019
Lapdiang Artimai SyiemSTUDIO ResidencyTheatre2019
Mohsin ShafiSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2019
Muhammad ZeeshanRESEARCH ResidencyVisual arts2018
Moonis Ahmad ShahSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts / FICA2018
Gagan SinghSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2018
Shivaraju BS / Cop ShivaSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2018
Imran Nafees SiddiquiRESEARCH ResidencyPerforming Arts2018
Sarah SinghRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2018
Ruby HembromRESEARCH ResidencyLiterature2018
Prof YS AloneRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2018
Shahnaz BashirRESEARCH ResidencyLiterature2018
Krishnaraj ChonatRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2017
Manas Bhattacharya & Madhuban MitraRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2017
Gayatri SinhaRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2017
Julius John Alam / PakistanSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2017
Gayatri GanjuRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2017
Virieno Christina ZakiesatoSTUDIO ResidencyPerforming Arts2017
Renuka RajivSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts / FICA2017
Jyoti DograRESEARCH ResidencyPerforming Arts2017
Belinder DhanoaRESEARCH ResidencyCritical Writing2017
Ruxmini Choudhury / BangladeshRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2017
Abhijan GuptaRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2017
Suresh JayaramRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2017
Diya NaiduRESEARCH ResidencyPerforming Arts2017
Anjana KothamachuSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2016
Shaunak Sen STUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2016
Ehsan Ul HaqSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2016
Shailesh B.RSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts / FICA 2016
Sudarshan ShettyRESEARCH ResidencyBiennale2016
Rahaab AllanaRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2016
Nandita PalchoudhuriRESEARCH ResidencyArt & Design2016
Aparna RaoRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2016
Samit DasRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2016
Hetal Chudasama STUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2015
Diya Naidu STUDIO ResidencyPerforming Arts2015
Sachin George SebastianSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts / FICA 2015
Shazeb Shaikh STUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2015
Navin ThomasRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts 2015
Manmeet DevgunRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2015
Megha KatyalRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2015
Lola Mac Dougall PadgaonkarRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2015
Sudarshan ShettyRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2015
Sujit ku MallikSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2014
Taran KhanSTUDIO ResidencyLiterature2014
Kartik SoodSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts / FICA2014
Megha Katyal STUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2014
Jitish KallatRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2014
Ish SherawatRESEARCH ResidencyMusic2014
Pravat MishraRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2014
Ruchir JoshiSTUDIO ResidencyLiterature2013
Pratik SagarSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2013
Gitanjali DangSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2013
Anitha BalachandranSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2013
Gipin VargheseSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts / FICA2013
Shilpa GuptaRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts / Skoda2013
Srinivasa PrasadRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts / Skoda2013
Siddhartha ChatterjeeRESEARCH ResidencyLiterature2013
Surjit NongmeikapamRESEARCH ResidencyDance2013
Mohanakrishnan HaridasanRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2013
Suman GopinathRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts 2013
Akshay Raj Singh RathoreSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2012
Iram GhufranSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2012
Shreyas KarleSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2012
Sujith SNSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts / FICA2012
Samina MishraRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2012
Sampurna ChattarjiRESEARCH ResidencyLiterature2012
Rikimi MadhukaillyaRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2012
Avijna BhattacharyaRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2012
Jitish KallatRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2012
LN TallurRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2012
Anil KumarRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2012
Jyoti DograRESEARCH ResidencyTheatre2012
Paribartana MohantySTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts / FICA2011
Sreejata RoySTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2011
Srishti RanaSTUDIO ResidencyTextiles2011
Jenson AntoSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2011
Tarun Jung RawatSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2011
Bharathesh D. YadavSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2011
Meera MenezesRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2011
Samrat ChoudhuryRESEARCH ResidencyLiterature / Graphic Novel2011
Mrityunjay ChatterjeeRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2011
Shumona GoelRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2011
Janice PariatRESEARCH ResidencyLiterature2011
Pampa PanwarRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2011
Mithali SaranRESEARCH ResidencyLiterature2011
Jyoti Dogra

RESEARCH ResidencyTheatre2011
Pramod K GRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2011
M.PravatSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2010
Jenson AntoSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2010
Anuradha PathakSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2010
Sankar VenkataswaranSTUDIO ResidencyTheatre2010
Indrajit HazraSTUDIO ResidencyLiterature2010
Dr Alka Pande RESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2010
Shumona GoelRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2010
Archana HandeRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2010
Ish ShehrawatRESEARCH ResidencyMusic2010
Vidya ShahRESEARCH ResidencyMusic2010
Baptist CoelhoSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2009
Mohammad Abdus SalamSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2009
Ravi AgarwalSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2009
Atul BhallaSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2009
Anurupa RoySTUDIO ResidencyTheatre2009
Om SooryaSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2009
Gauri Gill RESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2009
Zuleikha ChaudhariRESEARCH ResidencyTheatre2009
Shekhar MukherjeeRESEARCH ResidencyLiterature / Graphic Novel2009
Sudeep SenRESEARCH ResidencyLiterature2009
Pramod Kumar KGRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2009
Amitesh GroverSTUDIO ResidencyTheatre2008
Navneet RamanSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2008
Rekha TandonSTUDIO ResidencyDance2008
Abhishek HazraSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2008
Amrita LahiriRESEARCH ResidencyInternship / Museum Rietberg2008
Anindya RoyRESEARCH ResidencyLiterature / Graphic Novel2008
Monica NarulaRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2008
Meenu SrivastavaRESEARCH ResidencyLiterature2008
Orijit Sen RESEARCH ResidencyLiterature / Graphic Novel2008
Jeebesh BagchiRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2008
Shuddhabrata Sengupta RESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2008
Samit BasuRESEARCH ResidencyLiterature / Graphic Novel2008
Vishwajyoti GhoshRESEARCH ResidencyLiterature / Graphic Novel2008
Varun NarainSTUDIO ResidencyTheatre2007
Jeet ThayilRESEARCH ResidencyLiterature2007
Karthik SubramanyaRESEARCH ResidencyMusic2007
Harsho Mohan ChattorajRESEARCH ResidencyLiterature / Graphic Novel2007
Smitha CariappaRESEARCH ResidencyPerforming Arts2007
Himanshu Verma RESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts / in partnership with Pro Helvetia Warsaw2007

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