Our Offices & Partners Abroad

For detailed information please click on the offices and cultural centres below. For further information on the headquarters in Zurich please go to: www.prohelvetia.ch

Swiss artists awarded residencies

NameType of ResidencyArt formYear
Mara ZüstRESEARCH TripVisual Arts2023
Martina Huber
RESEARCH TripVisual Arts2023
Johannes HedingerRESEARCH TripInterdisciplinary2023
Gil Schneider
STUDIO ResidencyMusic2023
Maya Minder
RESEARCH TripVisual Arts
Robin MeierRESEARCH TripInterdisciplinary2022/23
Stefanie Knobel RESEARCH TripVisual Arts2022
Damian Christinger RESEARCH TripVisual Arts2022/23
Alexandra BachzetsisRESEARCH TripLiterature2022/23
Leonardo NevariRESEARCH TripMusic2022
Jannik Giger and Florine LeoniHome Not Alone ResidencyMusic2022/23
Claudia Cerri RESEARCH TripMusic2022/23
Giulia EssyadSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2022/23
Shakyla HussainRESEARCH TripVisual Arts2022
Giulia EssyadSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2022/23
Kabelo MalatsieRESEARCH TripVisual Arts2022
Marc LeeRESEARCH TripVisual Arts2022
Thomas Burkhalter
RESEARCH TripMusic2022
Gilles GrimaîtreSTUDIO ResidencyMusic2022
Karim NoureldinSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2022
Adrian NotzRESEARCH TripVisual Arts2022
Nicole SeilerSTUDIO Residency | On-the-Move-AgainPerforming Arts2021/22
Jacqueline Poloni
aka Yantan Ministry
STUDIO ResidencyMusic2021
Habib AfsarSTUDIO ResidencyInterdisciplinary2021
Susann WintschRESEARCH TripInterdisciplinary2021
Bruno SteinerHome-Not-Alone | ResidencyVisual Arts2020
Nele DechmannHome-Not-Alone | Research TripDesign / Architecture2020
Mo DienerRESEARCH TripInterdisciplinary2020
Eveline Wüthrich RESEARCH TripLiterature2020
Christoph LeuenbergerRESEARCH TripDance2020
Vereinslokal UtopiaRESEARCH TripTheatre2020
Marion RegenscheitRESEARCH TripLiterature2020
Philipp Theisohn RESEARCH TripLiterature2020
Marc Lee & Markus KirchhoferRESEARCH TripInterdisciplinary / Literature2020
Tara LasradoRESEARCH TripVisual Arts2020
Susanna Kumschick & Mario PellinRESEARCH ResidencyDesign2019
Dr Peter PfrunderRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2019
Maeva Rosset & Giovanni SammarcoRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2019
Karolina Ohman STUDIO ResidencyMusic2019
Mariel ManuelSTUDIO ResidencyDesign2019
Stefanie KnobelSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2019
Sonja FeldmeierSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2019
Saskia EdensSTUDIO ResidencyInterdisciplinary2019
Fortunat Frölich STUDIO ResidencyMusic2019
Lucien DubuisRESEARCH ResidencyMusic2018
Samuel Herzog RESEARCH ResidencyVisual arts2018
Laurence BoissierRESEARCH ResidencyLiterature2018
Shirana Shahbazi STUDIO ResidencyVisual arts2018
Marcel ZaesSTUDIO ResidencyMusic2018
Stefan KellerSTUDIO ResidencyMusic2018
Chris Leuenberger & Marcel SchwaldRESEARCH ResidencyDance & Theatre2017
Till Wyler von Ballmoos RESEARCH ResidencyPerformance Art2017
Jana Jakoubek RESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2017
Chris LeuenbergerSTUDIO ResidencyDance2017
Carina Fischer & Lukas BaumgartnerSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2017
Michael PelzelSTUDIO ResidencyMusic2017
Michael FehrSTUDIO ResidencyLiterature2017
Marcel SchwaldRESEARCH ResidencyTheatre2017
Marie VelardiSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2016
Lukas MantelSTUDIO ResidencyMusic2016
Michael PelzelSTUDIO ResidencyMusic2016
Corinne MaierSTUDIO ResidencyTheatre2016
Gilles Aubry & Robert MillisRESEARCH ResidencyMusic2016
Sadet TürközRESEARCH ResidencyMusic2016
Meret SchlegelRESEARCH ResidencyDance2016
Pascal SchweighoferSTUDIO ResidencyInterdiscipline2015
Corinne MaierSTUDIO ResidencyTheatre2015
Heike FiedlerSTUDIO ResidencyLiterature2015
Christoph DraegerSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2015
Michael PelzelSTUDIO ResidencyMusic2015
Habib Afsar & Mara ZüstRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2015
Meret SchlegelRESEARCH ResidencyDance2015
Katya Garcia AntonRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2015
Christophe PoleseSTUDIO ResidencyMusic2014
David SemperSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2014
Mirjam SpoolderSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2014
Barblina MeierhansSTUDIO ResidencyMusic2014
Malcolm Braff & Claire HugueninRESEARCH ResidencyMusic2014
Mia MarfurtRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2014
Ingrid FichtnerRESEARCH ResidencyLiterature2014
Margrit SchmidRESEARCH ResidencyLiterature2014
Karina Kaindi & Frederic Dedelley RESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2014
Benjamin ValenzaSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2013
Gilles AubrySTUDIO ResidencyMusic2013
Barblina MeierhansSTUDIO ResidencyMusic2013
Matthias SpiessSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2013
Dora Anna RustRESEARCH ResidencyPerformance Art2013
Eveline SuterRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2013
Boris NikitinRESEARCH ResidencyTheatre2013
Raphael PerretRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2013
Seline BaumgartnerSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2012
Alexander HahnSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2012
Nadia Schneider WillenRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2012
Raphael Perret & Claude Hidberand
RESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2012
Anna Barseghian & Stefan KristensenRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2012
Maja WeyermannRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2012
Leon Beraud & Frida VivianaSTUDIO ResidencyTheatre2011
ReichlinGuido & Karin WälchliSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2011
Boris NikitinSTUDIO ResidencyTheatre2011
David ChieppoSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2011
Bernard Cosendai STUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2011
Ruth BuckSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2011
Navid TschoppSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2011
Sarah Kueng/ Lovis CaputoRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2011
Sala MarioRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2011
Nadine Yvonne Wietlisbach
RESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2011
Anna BarseghianRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2011
Andrea DomesleRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2011
San KellerSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2010
Tobias HitschSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2010
Niklaus RüeggSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2010
Sonja FeldmeierSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2010
Jason KahnSTUDIO ResidencyMusic2010
David SignerRESEARCH ResidencyLiterature2010
Manfred WerderSTUDIO ResidencyMusic2009
Emanuel GeiserSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2009
Marc LeeSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2009
Nina WeberSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2009
Claudia RüeggSTUDIO ResidencyMusic2009
Jason KahnSTUDIO ResidencyMusic2009
Tobias HitschRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2009
Hervé GraumannRESEARCH ResidencyVisual Arts2009
Michael GünzburgerSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2008
Anne LorenzSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2008
Barbara EllmererSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2008
Peter ZumsteinRESEARCH ResidencyTheatre2008
Rahel HegnauerSTUDIO ResidencyVisual Arts2007

Upcoming maintenance work

The application portal myprohelvetia will be updated from 1.1.-7.1.2024. Due to these changes, open applications must be finalized and submitted via the current online portal (myprohelvetia.ch) by the latest 23:59 on 31 December 2023. Until this date, the deadlines and criteria outlined in the current guidelines and calls for applications apply. New applications can be created and submitted in the application portal as of 8 January 2024.