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Blockchain expert Gaurav Somwanshi in Switzerland

Gaurav Somwanshi
Photo credit: Manish Verma

Blockchain expert Gaurav Somwanshi will be in Switzerland to explore intersections with art and blockchain and create new collaborations between the art and tech scenes of the two countries. 

Gaurav Somwanshi is CEO & co-founder of EmerTech Innovations Pvt Ltd. He graduated from IIM Lucknow and is a computer science engineer. He has worked extensively with Chhattisgarh where he conducted the state’s first pilots using Blockchain for e-governance, land record management, health record management, and other use-cases. He also conducted the state government’s first ever Blockchain Hackathon, and is a member of Africa Blockchain Alliance.

Somwanshi co-authored a thought paper with Special Secretary Mr Alex Paul Menon (IAS) outlining how Blockchain can change e-governance. Associate Editor at the Switzerland-based academic journal, ‘Frontiers in Blockchain’, he heads the section on ‘Blockchain for Fair Equity in Agriculture’. He is also a social activist, writer, and independent researcher.  

cover image: Gaurav Somwanshi at ISB Hyderabad
credit: DIRI Digital Identity Research Initiative