Our Offices & Partners Abroad

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Rotational Rider: WHERE DO THE ANTS GO?

Still from video installation by Afrah Shafiq at Dhaka Arts Summit, courtesy of the artist. Under its collaborative framework, the To-Gather project Rotational Rider has selected the artwork WHERE DO THE ANTS GO?  by Afrah Shafiq. WHERE DO THE ANTS GO? is an interactive sculpture of an ant hill where the behaviors and outcomes of …


«with the fields»

Photo courtesy: Gidree Bawlee Foundation of Arts «with the fields» collective cultivates a myriad of activities and encounters, reflecting on sustaining practices across contexts. Over the past six months, they have shared stories and observations from the field; reflected on environmental and community realities in relation to a specific kind of neo-agro-colonialism facing their regions; …


Awaken the Sleeping Giants

Who or what is a Giant? What is a state of sleep? What kind of co-existence is possible among species? How can we alter the way we see things? With these questions a motley group comprising artists from Switzerland and India explore what inter species co-existence means for the arts in our ever-changing world. Their …


Swiss Indian Network of Experimental Music and Sound (SINEMS)

Field Trip: Listening to the Rocks. Photo courtesy: SINEMS Swiss Indian Network of Experimental Music and Sound (SINEMS) is a residency and exchange program for Indian and Swiss artists and researchers who specialise in scientific and artistic research in sound technology, sound studies, experimental music and sound art. Through residencies, projects and partnerships, SINEMS will …


How To Live Together?

How can we build spaces in which one recognizes and respects the individual rhythms of the other? How can we use our existing work and archives and build on from, instead of being pressured to produce anew? Under the “To-Gather” umbrella, “How To Live Together?” is a project organised by HH Art Spaces  in collaboration …


Environmental Art Exchange (EAE)

Haying. Dharmendra Prasad. Photo credit: Shazeb Shaikh Land and environmental art offers a critical yet constructive branch of creativity to produce ecological awareness, engagement, and action. More importantly, it offers a deeper connection in our individual and collective relationships with nature that can reveal more than we can find from other sources of technical research. …