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Chapakhana Archive Workshop Finale & Exhibition at Pathshala Institute

A shop owner is exposing a film on screen for screen print at Malitola, Old Dhaka, Bangladesh. Taken as part of Chapakhana Archive workshop. Photo credit: Samsul Alam Helal

Chapakhana Archive Workshop
Exhibition, 12-19 March
8th Floor, Pathshala Institute

In final phase of the Chapakhana Archive workshop at Pathshala, participants were led by Mara Züst and Samsul Alam Helal in an editing session. They worked with their research resources and materials which they previously gathered during their fieldwork.

Participants included Kauser Haider, Shohrab Jahan, Mushfiq Mahbub Turjo, Samsul Alam Helal, Sadia Marium, Taufiqur Rahman Aniq, Razib Datta and Aungmakhai Chak.

Samsul Alam Helal and Mara Züst
Chapakhana Archive Workshop
Photo credit: Pathshala Institute

About the Workshop:
A nine-month-long research workshop ‘Chapakhana Archive’ began prior to the Chobi Mela ‘0’ festival in partnership with researcher and art historian, Mara Züst. The workshop focused on local printmaking, exploring material, practical, and technological involvement of individuals and social groups, among many other surfaces of engagement. Read more about the research workshop here.

An exhibition was designed tilted “Chapakhana Archive” during Chobi Mela ‘0’ which began on 12 February 2021. The show was set up at the Pathshala Library using ideas, objects, and print materials and the framework of the exhibition comes from Mara Züst’s research for her project Kolkata — City of Print.

Now the participants are at the final phase of the workshop. After the edit of their resources, an exhibition will be featured with the final work of the participants.