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A collaborative puppet performance by Margrit Gysin

A collaborative puppet performance by Margrit Gysin

Margrit Gysin, the grande dame of Swiss puppeteers, to present Squirrel’s Birthday with Arundhati Nag and Andrea Gronemeyer.

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Swiss puppeteer Margrit Gysin returns to India once again to collaborate with theatre personalities Arundhati Nag from India and Andrea Gronemeyer from Germany.

Date/ venue:
Bangalore: 19 & 20 July 2014 at Ranga Shankara
Entry as per festival rules

Delhi: 24 & 25 July 2014 at Akshara Theatre
24 & 25th July: 7:00 pm
School shows-10:30 am
Entry as per festival rules

The performance will be part of AHA!, Ranga Shankara’s programme to bring theatre in all its aspects to younger people.

About Squirrel’s Birthday
Ranga Shankara, Bangalore, Figurentheatre, Switzerland and Schnawwl Theatre, Manheim
English/45 minutes
For Children between 4yrs and 6yrs
Directed by Andrea Gronemeyer

The ‘Squirrel’s Birthday’ is about the squirrel deciding to celebrate his birthday with his friends. The squirrel writes letters in his own handwriting on pieces of bark to all his friends right from the whale in the ocean to the firefly, inviting everyone for his birthday. The performance is an ensemble of puppetry, object and miniature theatre.

The Cast:
Margrit Gysin
Graduate of the Theatre School J. Lecoq Paris, puppetry therapist Margrit Gysin has been a freelance puppet theatre player since 1976 and has conducted theatre education classes and seminars across the world. As someone who loves telling stories to children, she is a veteran at many Children and Puppet Theatre Festivals across the world. She is the founder and artistic Director of Figurentheatre, Switzerland.

In 2011 Margrit Gysin was invited by Ranga Shankara, Bangalore, ICCR, Kolkata, and Old World Culture, New Delhi to present Mimmi and Brumm are having a party.Small puppets are Margrit Gysin’s speciality and she uniquely creates maximum impact with minimal props. A small pebble turns into a mountain and the trials and tribulations of little characters become uncomfortably familiar and human.

Arundhati Nag
One of India’s most talented contemporary actors, Arundhati Nag has over a thousand performances to her credit. She is one of the few multilingual actors in the country who has acted in Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati and Kannada. Ms Nag, who began her tryst with theatre more than three decades ago with the Indian People’s Theatre Association (IPTA) Mumbai, also has a number of films to her credit.

Andrea Gronemeyer
Andrea Gronemeyer has worked in and for children’s and youth theatre for more than 20 years, first as an author, then as a stage and theatre director. During this time, she has staged some 40 plays for a young audience. For more than fifteen years, she worked as a director and dramaturg at the Comedia Colonia, an independent theatre in Cologne. She is currently the Director at the Schnawwl Theatre & Young Opera, Mannheim, Germany.

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