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‘Composing in Dialogue’ with Fortunat Frölich

Fortunat Frölich’s latest project is an attempt to continue during COVID times, the relations that were established during Fortunat’s recent residency in India. Composers in India will collaborate with Fortunat virtually and remotely, providing an opportunity to experiment with a virtual musical exchange and see its outcome and success.

“Composing in Dialogue” brings together Aabha Soumitra (vocalist), Divyam Mehrotra (pianist/composer) and Supravo Mukherjee (guitarist/composer) with Swiss composer Fortunat Frölich. Bringing their different backgrounds to write music together, they will compose roughly in the same manner that one conducts a conversation or an exchange of letters: controversial, affirmative, supplementary, diversifying, reinterpreting. Compositions will be created in the space where tension lies between different styles, cultures and generations.

Fortunat Frölich is a well-known Swiss composer in the contemporary classical music scene. He studied at the Universities of Arts in Zurich (Switzerland), Naples (Italy) and Leipzig (Germany).

The music of Fortunat Frölich is committed to neither a particular school nor style. Using a broad palette of musical and stylistic methods, reflecting his personal musical development, his compositions leads one through various categories and a wide variety of musical cultures. His works are published by Sikorski Hamburg, Swiss Music Edition and the publisher Müller & Schade.

A special interest of Fortunat Frölich lies in interculturality. His intercultural projects have been featured at international festivals in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Clockwise from top left: Suprava Mukherjee, Soumitra Ghotkar, Divyam Mehrotra, Fortunat Frölich


Composing in Dialogue have now released their compositions

Here is their composition “Jupiter”:

Check in to on their YouTube channel to listen to more!