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BeFantastic Together: Deadline Extended to 5 July 2021


Imagine a dynamic fellowship of international collaborators, creating works using art & technology, telling compelling stories about the global climate emergency andamplifying new collective voices. The things we can do together!

BeFantastic announces its 2021 fellowship program “TOGETHER”. From the geographies of Singapore, Switzerland, South Asia, U.S.A and Germany, we call for collaborative practitioners in art, design and technology to explore Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML), data & networks around the theme of the climate crisis. Connect with a diverse cohort of global practitioners and seize the opportunity to collaborate on a new format of exhibitable artworks using technology and art (techart).

BeFantastic, with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Singapore, the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia (New Delhi) and Goethe Institut-Max Muller Bhavan (Bangalore), in partnership with ThoughtWorks Arts, (USA), Supernormal (Singapore), In The Wild (Singapore) and Dara.network (USA) invites participation in this ‘online makers festival’.

  • Are you an artist, designer or maker interested in including AI & ML technologies into your practice?
  • Do you have a technology background and do you want to understand creative thought processes?
  • Are you a climate champion, expert or community member who wants to help creative practitioners shape a new project?
  • Are you a techArtist or creative technologist, searching for new ways to apply your skills?
  • Do you have an experimental mindset, and a strong desire to collaborate with others across borders of discipline and geographies?
  • Do you have at least three years of experience in your field?

Apply now if you are ready to BeFantastic with us.

Together we’ll get across the borders of geography and creative expertise to ACTIVATE THE EDGE EFFECT.

Together we’ll learn and make techart to TELL URGENT AND COMPELLING STORIES

Swiss artist Marc Lee will also be among the mentors at BeFantastic Together. Marc uses contemporary art as a vehicle to continuously redefine how we see ourselves and the world around us. He is experimenting with information and communication technologies and within his contemporary art practice, he reflects critically creative, cultural, social, ecological and political aspects.

For more information and to apply, click here.

Deadline extended to 5 July 2021.

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