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Long Weekend of LiteratureS

The Long Night of LiteratureS is now back in an all-new digital avatar as the Long Weekend of LiteratureS, 2021.

Scheduled from 22–23 October 2021 from 3:00 PM-9:00 PM (IST; both days) with the theme of ‘Belonging: Beyond Borders’, the festival promises to be a unique platform with the coming together of authors from 11 European countries and India. It will feature panel discussions, quizzes, and audience interaction sessions focused on themes of diversity and belonging. 

REGISTER TODAY: Attend the online edition of Long Weekend of LiteratureS: Belonging: Beyond Borders, a cross-cultural conversation on diversity. In partnership with the European Union, 11 European countries, and Belongg: http://belongg.net/lwel/
As part of the upcoming Long Weekend of LiteratureS (22nd-23rd October, 2021), which is being organised in collaboration with 11 European countries and their cultural centres based in New Delhi, the European Union and Belongg, there is now a unique opportunity to make friends with and interact with people from different cultures. 
Maybe you could learn something about a place you really want to visit, or exchange recipes, or make a new tune with a friend, or learn a new language. Who knows? Sign up today: https://vhjpshv4.paperform.co
How does this work?
1. You register here before the 17th October, 2021;
2. Sign up for LWeL on www.belongg.net/lwel/
3. Get connected with your pen pal during LWeL via email
3. (Optional) To participate in the Open Mic and win exciting prizes (with or without your pen pal) — Attend Day 1 of the Long Weekend of LiteratureS, meet your designated pen pal there, and collaborate with them to stand an opportunity to participate in a literature-related open mic on Day 2 of the festival where you can win some exciting prizes and giveaways. 
You can make a new friend, learn new things AND win prizes. What are you waiting for? 
Long Weekend of LiteratureS: Audience Open-Mic registration.
At the upcoming Long Weekend of LiteratureS, scheduled from 22nd-23rd October, we have an exclusive audience open-mic round! Stand a chance to WIN SOME EXCITING PRIZES –– read out/ perform a poem, an essay, a small story or even a song at the LWeL on Day 2 (October 23rd) either individually or along with your assigned pen pal (sign up on the Pen Pal link).
1. All you have to do is attend the festival and come up with something of your own with something you learned during the two days of the festival.
2. Attend the audience open-mic session before the festival closing and perform your piece under 4 minutes upon receiving the confirmation/ selection email. You can collaborate with your pen pal and perform together!
3. Winners will be announced at the festival itself.
Register for Open Mic before 19th October, 2021.

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