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Visual Arts

Eveline Wüthrich online exhibit: Space Air Earth Water Wood Metal Fire

Dayananda Nagaraju, Always grass is greener on the other side, 2018, Watercolour on handmade paper, 15 x 24 inches.
Photo courtesy: Dayananda Nagaraju

Space Air Earth Water Wood Metal Fire
online exhibit
10 December 2020 – 10 January 2021

Following her research trip at Mumbai Art Room earlier this year, Basel-based curator Eveline Wüthrich will be exhibiting artists Kavya Oza, Rajat Gajjar, Dayananda Nagaraju and Anubhav Syal from Round them Oranges at an online 3D gallery exhibit entitled Space Air Earth Water Wood Metal Fire. Documentary video works by students at the Trends & Identity department at the Art and Design Academy ZHdK in Zurich will also be showcased at the exhibit.

Eveline Wüthrich
Photo credit: Nici Jost

Space, air, earth, water, wood, metal, fire are considered elementary elements that describe certain forms, materials, colors and aggregate states. They stand for very specific moments of nature, to which different energies are attributed depending on the culture. The original research was looking for immersive moments of art that inscribe themselves into nature through their qualities in many languages. In the meantime, nature has produced and sent back to us a mutant that has thrown all thinking with and through art, if not forever, then at least temporarily, overboard. As the pandemic has transferred the exhibition from physical to digital space, the question of materiality in particular is changing. In addition to the categories of art and nature, the technical has been added.

The works exhibited are on the one hand already existing pieces that have been transferred into digital form. On the other hand there are new works created specially for the exhibition.

Eveline Wüthrich is a curator based in Basel, Switzerland. She is co-founder and curator of I Never Read, Art Book Fair Basel, a platform dedicated to explore the relationship between text, performance, art production and the book. She has realized shows and presentations at Despacio in San José Costa Rica, MOCA Contemporary in Los Angeles and Museo Jumex in Mexico City, as well as in the Botanical Gardens of Palermo in Italy. Eveline Wüthrich loves to combine knowledge and traditions that at first sight do not fit together. When curating art exhibitions, she always uses and includes her knowledge as a Feng Shui consultant. In Basel she runs a painting room for children.

See more at www.mumbaiartroom.org.