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Satellite Sonata by Robin Meier at The Story of Space


THE STORY OF SPACE 2017 invites Swiss musician Robin Meier to participate in a unique festival that provides an opportunity to learn about and experience space from a number of perspectives, promoting inquiry and exploration.

Artists, scientists, educators, and philosophers will come together to create live experiences, a film program, installations, workshops, talks, and panels on critical questions around space.

Robin Meier will present

a performance on 10 November 2017 at the Opening Ceremony
Venue: Kala Academy Amphitheatre, Panjim

MUONIONALUSTA, a meteoroid instrument
an installation
Venue: tbc

About Satellite Sonata and Muonionalusta
Launched in 2006, the European Space Agency’s CoRoT satellite measures the minuscule variations of the light of the stars. This twinkling of the stars can be translated into sound through digital synthesis. Using techniques of spectral composition and various contemporary notations, these sounds of the stars are then re-transcribed for brass ensemble.

Through close collaboration, a local Indian brass ensemble, unfamiliar with contemporary music and playing styles is going to be trained in the interpretation of this score. Over two weeks, through recordings, videos and workshops the musicians learn to play these new sounds and will collectively elaborate this new music.

Finally, the musical project is rendered tangible through an object created specifically for this event, a meteorite fragment. This iron from space will be transformed into a musical artifact that will accompany the composition and focus the exploration of sound and space into a sculpture.

About Robin Meier
Robin Meier is a Swiss artist and composer exploring the emergence of natural and artificial intelligence and the role of humans in a world of machines. He tries to make sense of these questions through his installations, objects and compositions. Referred to as “Artist of the future” (le Monde), “Maestro of the Swarm” (Nature) or just “pathetic” (Vimeo) his works are shown in international venues and events such as Palais de Tokyo, FIAC and Musée d’Art Moderne Paris, Art Basel Switzerland, Shanghai Biennale or the Eli Broad Art Museum in Lansing Michigan. Robin Meier also works as a computer music designer for IRCAM / Centre Pompidou (Paris), CIRM (Nice) and various other institutions or ensembles. More

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