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FAQs for “Connect India” Open Call

Frequently Asked Questions for “Connect India” 

1. In what cultural field do I need to work to be eligible to apply?  

Artists from the following fields may apply: visual arts, design and interactive media, music, literature, and the performing arts, as well as artists with a transdisciplinary focus.

2. Is there an age limit after which artists are no longer eligible to apply?

There is no age limit. The residency programme is intended to support art practitioners whose area of focus and research interests would benefit from engaging with the scientists at CERN, Geneva and ICTS, Bengaluru.

3. What do you mean by « artists from Switzerland » and «artists from India»? 

Artists from Switzerland» refers to a professional artist who is either a Swiss citizen or a permanent resident in Switzerland. Artist from India » refers to a professional artist who is an Indian citizen. In both cases, the artists must be active in the arts ecosystem of Switzerland and India respectively.

4. I am a student. Do I need to have work experience in my field before I can apply?

Students are not eligible to apply. You are advised to build up your portfolio based on a substantial body of work before you consider applying. You need to be a professional artist with a few years of experience behind you, this residency is not for students or artists in the early stage of their careers.

5.  We are an artist duo, can we apply together for a residency?

Unfortunately, this residency is only open to individual artists, duos and collectives are not eligible.

6. What language skills do I need to have?

A good working knowledge of English is essential.

7. What shall I write in the motivation letter?

There are no specific requirements for the motivation letter. However, you should clearly articulate your goals and explain why it is important for you to be selected for the residency, and especially how your interaction and research conducted at ICTS and CERN will benefit your practice or areas of interest and help fulfill the aims of your project. How would you develop your ideas and get inspiration and input for your project(s) through the residency in question?

 8. Should I apply to this residency with a specific new project for? 

You can work on new ideas or continue working on your existing projects. It is up to you to decide how the residency will help you to achieve your goals. It is important to articulate how your project will benefit from engaging with the scientific research that is conducted at CERN and ICTS. Do keep in mind that this dual residency is for research purposes and not a production grant or a studio residency, your proposal should reflect the same.

9. What kind of support can I expect during my residency in Switzerland?

Pro Helvetia will cover the costs of accommodation, travel expenses (visa and travel insurance costs included), daily allowance, professional support, a workplaceand/material costs towards research and process. The hosts will offer certain assistance upon request and subject to mutual agreement. We will also help the artist become familiar with the local art community.

10. Can my family travel and live with me during the residency?

Pro Helvetia covers costs for the selected artists only. Spouses and children may join an artist only if the host institution agrees, and if the corresponding arrangements are made and the additional costs are borne by the artist.

11. Will Pro Helvetia assist me in obtaining a visa?

The artist is responsible for submitting all the required documents in time to obtain a visa. Pro Helvetia will provide assistance in the case of problems and financial support if need be.

12. Does the residency cover medical insurance for the duration of time spent in Switzerland?

Pro Helvetia covers the costs of medical insurance for the artist for the duration of time spent in the host country. However, the insurance company’s terms and conditions apply. It is important that the artist shares any long-term medical condition prior to their departure.

13. How much is the «daily allowance» mentioned in the call for applications? 

The «daily allowance» is an amount of money that you will receive monthly to cover your daily expenses during your residency. It is calculated based on the cost of living in the country concerned.

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