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Visual Arts

Johanna Bruckner on Residency in Nepal

Production Still. Courtesy of the artist Johanna Bruckner

Johanna Bruckner
Photo credit: Ruth Bruckner

Johanna Bruckner is an internationally exhibited artist based in Zurich. She is interested in the conditions of labour that have been emerging in response to the technologies of communicative capitalism. Read more on Johanna here.

Johanna’s planned work investigates emerging conceptions of interspecies intimacies in Nepal. It begins by approaching reforestation and afforestation programmes, which take into consideration the tree species to be planted and the interspecies organisms that build climate adaptation and resilience. The planned work continues with an interrogation of the processes through which interspecies ecologies come to be closely connected with the queer social and civil rights movement in Nepal. In order to examine these questions from a wider cultural context, she will additionally work with Body & Data, a digital rights organisation that works in the intersection of gender, sexuality and technology based in Nepal. Together with this collective, she will discuss the monstrous, intimate lives of toxic bodies and their vulnerable organs.

Follow Johanna on Instagram @jo_ann_bruc