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Performance Art

Yadanar and Ko Latt on research trip to Switzerland

Yadanar Win
Photo credit: Stephane Ferrer

Germany, Reutlingen 2022-07-20. Artist Yadanar Win and Kolatt performing during Echt Jetzt festival in Reutlingen, Germany. Photography by Stephane Ferrer Yulianti / Hans Lucas

Yadanar Win is an artist from Myanmar based in Marseille, France. Her art fuses body and performance, breaking free from traditional forms. A decade in the cultural scene in Myanmar, she organizes transformative projects, addressing Myanmar’s struggles for peace and democracy. Since 2011, Yadanar participated several art exhibitions and exchanges throughout Europe, Asia, America, and Australia. Fearless and captivating, her work sheds light on societal complexities, inspiring positive change worldwide. An influential figure, Yadanar Win leaves in indelible mark on the local art landscape, encouraging creativity for transformation. After the coup d’état in 2021, Yadanar left the country and passionately engaged in political art activities in support of the Myanmar revolution against dictatorship.


Ko Latt
Photo credit: MayCo Naing

Ko Latt, a visual artist from Myanmar, was born in 1987 in Paung City. He studied Economics at Yangon University and later pursued an M.A. in Fine Art in Switzerland. His artwork reflects personal expressions on social norms, homosexuality, religious dogmas, and politics, conveying a desire for freedom. He works with various mediums such as painting, installation, digital media, and performance. His art has been exhibited internationally in countries like South Korea, France, Germany, Japan, and more. He received a grant from the IASPIS art association in Sweden and has participated in numerous art exhibitions across Europe and Asia. Recently, his art has focused on his experiences as a young homosexual artist in Myanmar, shedding light on issues of open expression and cultural boundaries. He actively protests military rule as part of the 3AM collective, which he co-founded with two other performance artists. Currently based in Marseille, France, he continues to participate in art exhibitions throughout Europe.

During their research trip in Switzerland, the Burmese performance artists Yadanar Win and Kolatt plan to connect with other artists, networks, theatres and festivals in Switzerland in order to learn about the Swiss dance, theatre and performance art scene. By networking with local and international professionals, attending shows and discussions at festivals, they wish to gain knowledge about cultural infrastructure, artistic practices, choreography, current discourses and trends in aesthetics.

Follow the artists on Instagram @yadanarjewel and @kolatt.artist