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Lapdiang Artimai Syiem at Lyseloth Basel

Residencies stimulate creative and mutual exchange between artists.
Pro Helvetia offers three months’ studio residencies and research residencies where artists are encouraged to develop their practice in a climate of cultural diversity.

Theatre-maker Lapdiang Syiem from Shillong will be on a studio residency at Lyseloth Basel. Her practice is deeply physical, drawing on techniques from her diverse training. Lapdiang presents Khasi folktales with a contemporary vision, engaging with questions of gender and identity. During her residency, Lapdiang aims to seek tools to address these multi-layered questions. Having stepped outside home and through different lifestyles, Lapdiang aims to interact with other artists to share narratives and create more nuanced performances addressing recent ideas and practices in story-telling.

Lapdiang Syiem

An actor trained in physical theatre, Lapdiang Syiem is based in Meghalaya, India, where her interest lies in revisiting Khasi folktales and adapting these to her performances. She locates her theatrical expression in the oral tradition of her minority matrilineal community.