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Let Me Tell You A Story: imagined by the young for the curious

Let Me Tell You A Story flips the script by making children the authors of new stories for adults. Through weekly prompts sent to children in India and the region as well as in Switzerland, children are invited to send written stories and artwork. When collected, these stories would be sent to illustrators in Switzerland to illustrate 15 stories. Storytellers in India will also narrate stories written by the children. The stories, illustrations and audio stories will all culminate in an online exhibition in May, hosted on the ThinkArts website.
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“Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time….” begin many evenings of story-telling in homes in all corners of the world. These tales narrated to children may be in many tongues, but the voices behind them are usually of grown-ups telling stories written by other grown-ups.

This time around, it will be the children writing their own stories.

ThinkArts invites children in South Asia and Switzerland (age 6 to 9) to share their stories written in response to our prompts. These prompts have been carefully selected from children’s stories. From here, you can take it on!

The stories can be written in various languages, and may also be accompanied by drawings or paintings made by you.These will then be brought to life in the form of audio-stories and illustrations made by professional story-tellers and artists. These creations along with your story and credits will be published on the ThinkArts website.

So, do you want to tell us a story?
For more details, visit the website: http://www.thinkarts.co.in/

Let Me Tell You A Story is presented by ThinkArts with support from Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council. The International Literature Festival BuchBasel are also project partners.