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Visual Arts

Mara Züst on a Research Trip to Nepal

Mara Züst
Photo courtesy the artist

Preparation of the Mini-Zine-Library for a community gathering in Lahore, Pakistan, 2019. Photo by Mara Züst

Mara Züst (b. 1976, Zurich) is an artist, cultural pedagogue (author and outreach project developer), and researcher residing in Zurich. Her current greatest passions are developing tools in the field of cultural pedagogy incorporating hands-on print production and publishing as collective working modes (Mini-Zine-Library, since 2019, India, Pakistan, and Switzerland, or Chapakhana Archive, 2022 in Bangladesh and Switzerland). Furthermore, she regularly publishes books combining research, text, and images in a unique design, with feminist point of view.

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As an engaged art actor – as Christoph Elias Meier – Mara acts critically, committedly and proactively with projects between pressure (“Druck”) and relief, mediation and encouragement; focusing on the human being, the human, and belonging. She aims to continue the same in Nepal, following the traces, that are interwoven into her artistic practice: exploring approaches on feminist (art) history, on (artistic) publishing as a “hands-on” tool and as an assurance of the present and an extension of narrative traditions, and on working with communities socially engaged (with art).