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Visual Arts

Maya Minder on a Research Trip to India

Trans:PlantY (c) Maya Minder

Maya Minder
Photo credit: Alexandra Carusi

Maya Minder is an ‘Eatartist’ working at the intersection of culinary production and critical thinking about global practices and entanglement of different food cultures. Her research trip to India is devoted to histories through food by its very materialistic and pragmatic approach to the daily practice of preparing, cooking, eating and cleaning, as inspired by Michel de Certeau’s “Practice of Everyday Life”.

“Aware of the plurality of different modernities in our world, I take inspiration from Dipesh Chakrabarty and Bruno Latour’s conversation on “We don’t live on the same Planet” and translate this via food cultures in a queer feminist approach of telling stories through commodity history,” says Maya.

“For this journey, I am keen to research together with the students from Srishti Manipal University a culinary sample of a contained multitude, by approaching complex system thinking with the help of DIY and hands-on methods and culminating at the Soil Assembly during the Kochi Biennale on Ecologies, Circularities and Living Pedagogies, co-organized by Ewen Chardronnet, Rob La Frenais, Neal White and Meena Vari.”

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