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Michael Fehr and Rico Baumann “Super Light” Tour in India and Nepal

Super Light Tour

Nhyakan Bahi
11 Dec 2022
6:00 PM

Depot 48, Delhi
14 Dec 2022
9:00 PM
Tickets here
INR 299

Serendipity Festival Goa
The Courtyard, Old GMC,
16 Dec 2022
9.30-10:30 PM

Michael Fehr refers to himself as being a narrator. He tirelessly expedites his unique art and presents his works on stages in Switzerland as well as abroad.

He performs on the stage as a speaker, singer and musician and collaborates with artists for theatre plays, films and campaigns. He gives lectures and workshops on subjects such as communication, conversation and appearance, but also on storytelling and song writing.

In his newest program “Super Light”, Michael Fehr – together with the musician and producer Rico Baumann – merges the ritual of storytelling with the spirituality of music. Songs consisting of coarse voice and impelling percussions alternate emotional ballads.

Michael Fehr was born 1982 in Bern, visually impaired from birth. He studied at the Swiss Institute of Literature, followed by studies at the Y Institute at the University of Applied Sciences of Arts. 2013 he published his first book “Kurz vor der Erlösung”, an outcome of an examination of the Bible, which tells the nativity story as it never has been before. 2015 follows “Simeliberg”, a gloomy crime story, and 2017 “Glanz & Schatten”, a collection of tales of metamorphosis. In 2016, his characteristic voice appears on the album “Bruxelles” from Simon Ho, with chansons in French, English and German. 2018 his lyrics build the foundation of the raw blues album “Im Schwarm”. The album, on which Michael Fehr performs a singer and storyteller, was the result of a close collaboration with the guitarist Manuel Troller.

Rico Baumann, percussion (*1983) comes from a family of musicians in Bern and came into contact with a wide variety of musical styles at an early age. In 2006 he received a scholarship from the Friedl Wald Foundation, and in 2013 he was awarded the Marianne and Curt Dienemann Foundation’s sponsorship prize. In 2012 he was selected to represent Switzerland in the European Jazz Orchestra and in 2015 he received the New York Scholarship of the City of Bern. His musical activities could hardly be more diverse. He plays in various small and large formations and is a sought-after drummer for jazz and improvised music (Le Rex, Weird Beard, Der Wawawa, Don Li) as well as for hip hop, pop and electronic music (James Gruntz, Baze, King Pepe, 2ForSoul, KG & Morricone). Since 2014, he has been causing a stir internationally with his electro-pop band True. Tours with these bands have taken him all over Europe, to America and Japan. In 2022 he received the Music Prize of the Canton of Bern.