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Mo Diener on research trip to India

Mo Diener’s artistic practice is placed in the transdisciplinary conceptual field of critical art and theory. Her body of work appears as media and performative interventions, spatial installations, video projects and activist performances. Mo’s interest focuses on blind spots in contemporary societies. With her transdisciplinary artistic practice, she elaborates her body of work as locating “history in the present”. Her work is based on long years of research in civil, forensic and historical archives – and on encounters with members of the largest transnational minority living in Europe – the Roma – and with the Yenish people in Switzerland.  In 2013, Mo initiated the Roma Jam Session art Kollektiv (RJSaK) at Olga Stefan’s event “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. Mo Diener is the artistic director of the collective. 

Mo Diener launched “Freedom Songs” in 2015 as part of her Romafuturism project in Switzerland and Europe, which imagines the future in polyphonic narratives from the context of Roma minority. Her project explores how performative and media work can be linked to current discourses and the community to inspire selforganisation, how the artistic community welcomes this work and, last but not least, what historiography has to say about it.

Researching “Freedom Songs” in India, Mo Diener proposes a format where language and music merge and express reflections of local minorities in Gujarat and Rajasthan, where the historical past of the world Roma community is located. Her project explores lyrics and rhythms that express urgent present political and social claims, and negotiate a trajectory towards the near future. Mo Diener will be exploring forms of nonviolent communication, which may take the form of spoken word poetry, songs, small performative rhythmic lectures or other performative forms of language and body work.