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Design & Architecture

Nele Dechmann to create “Fake Storefront” in Delhi


Nele Dechmann at the poolbar
Photo credits: Mpho Mokgadi

Nele Dechmann lives and works in Zurich. She moves in a niche area between art and architecture, investigating what architecture means for society. A special focus lies on how global systems and local realities create architectural form. A school in rural Madagascar was made by communicating with the local workers through axonometric projections, not unlike instructions for model airplanes. Together with artists she researched and published on the architecture of Johannesburg and Warsaw. Her dissertation analyses how an an undeveloped region in Sardinia was developed from scratch into “Costa Smeralda” by an international network. Her architecture projects and publications have been published and awarded internationally.

In her upcoming project “Fake Storefront”, Nele Dechmann intends to use photography and collage to place a construct into real streets of Delhi. In times of pandemic where movement is difficult, the storefront will travel and interact with two different locations, Switzerland and Delhi. Through this project, Nele’s research will delve into the social situation in Delhi during the pandemic in comparison to Switzerland. The research also involves adapting one’s craftsmanship based on the inputs received from Delhi.