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Residencies and Research Trips: On the Move Again

Nicole Seiler on studio residency in India

The Rest is Silence. Photo credit: Julie Masson

Nicole Seiler
Photo (c) Charlotte Krieger

Nicole Seiler will be on residency in India starting December 2021.

Nicole Seiler studied dance and theatre in Switzerland and Belgium, and went on to perform for several prestigious companies. She formed her own company in 2002. Her artistic approach is largely focused on the relationship between image and video. Her research into video and choreography has led to the creation of innovative works, dance and multimedia, videos and choreographic installations that aim to keep the audience active in their interpretation of the work.

“As a choreographer I have been creating and touring intensely and regularly for over 17 years now,” says Nicole, “The years have passed quickly, and I realize that there has not been much time for reflection, research and input. Today I feel the need of taking a break from the habit of constant producing and touring and rethink my practice.”

During this residency Nicole wishes to reflect on her work and its processes, but also confront other practitioners from other fields. “I have been to India many times on tours and collaborations and would like to deepen and intensify my professional and artistic relationship with the country and the culture. I would love to enlarge my knowledge of the artistic scene in India and meet and exchange with artists from various fields.”

“Wouah” Photo (c) Julie Masson