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Nimmy Raphel to attend seminar in Taipei

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Seminar in Taipei(2018 Taipei Arts Festival X Pro Helvetia)

Pro Helvetia has invited Nimmy Raphel, resident actor-director and performer at Adishakti, Puducherry, to attend a seminar at the Taipei Arts Festival. The seminar is a space for intensive knowledge exchange, between twelve international performance practitioners.



About the seminar
2018 Taipei Arts Festival X Pro Helvetia

The programme Seminar in Taipei offers up-and-coming young stage practitioners a platform for in-depth exchange in both theoretical and practical fields. Young artists from several countries are participating in an intensive period of discoveries: accompanied by a coach, they will watch and discuss a wide variety of performances, meet professional theatre practitioners from all over the world and take part in debates with artists, critics and specialists of the performing arts who are attending the Taipei Arts Festival from 8 to 19 August 2018.

Seminar in Taipei is an initiative of Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Arts Council, in partnership with the National Culture and Arts Foundation of Taiwan, Korea Arts Management Service, the National Arts Council of Singapore, and the Arts and Theatre Institute of the Czech Republic,realised in collaboration with the Taipei Arts Festival.