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ORLANDO Tour and Workshops in India



15 -17 January, 3 day workshop at The Giving Tree, Imphal
20 January workshop at The Giving Tree, Matai, Imphal
24 January workshop at Charshung, Ukhrul
28 January workshop at Yumpham Arts Space, Imphal

19 & 20 January, The Giving Tree, Matai, Imphal
23 & 24 January, Charshung, Ukhrul
27 & 28 January, Yumpham Arts Space, Imphal

2 & 3 February, Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore
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ORLANDO is an opera of a new kind, a performative installation combining conscious movement, video installation, architecture and live sound/music performance. ORLANDO will tour India with a series of workshops and performances.

Julie Beauvais choreographs conscious movements with Orlandos of today, embodying the post-binary new paradigm around the world. Deep Listening is here used as a means of revelation, enabling an expanded awareness, a clairvoyance.

Horace Lundd chooses vast horizon lines to capture these essential movements at the blue hour. She films fragments destined to later form a continuum and to create the Orlandos common breathing.

Sibylle Kössler and Wynd Van der Woude design a set device allowing the videos to be projected, merging the seven horizon lines into one.

Christophe Fellay composes an open score for guest musicians and sound artists invited to re-invent our experience at each performance. ORLANDO connects artists, scientists and communities at the heart of today’s individual and collective shifts.

Artistic direction, research, choreography: Julie Beauvais
Artistic direction, film director: Horace Lundd
Music and sounds composition: Christophe Fellay
Set design: Sibylle Kössler, Wynd van der Woude
Created with and moved by: Michael John Harper, Orakle Ngoy, Winsome Brown, Carolyn Cowan, Nyima, Diego Bragà, August Schaltenbrand, Natalia Chami, Valentina Bordenave, Frans W.M. Franssens
Videos editing: Paul Gauthier
Videos color grading: Marjolaine Mispelaere
Technical direction: BadNewsFromTheStars*
Wood engineering: Rémy Meylan, Whood X Mug
Video medias: Des Choses Pareilles
Support and Partners
Production: BadNewsFromTheStars*, Horace Lundd
Executive producer in South Asia: Sandbox Collective
Set reconstruction in Manipur: Babitha Lingraj

Workshop: ORLANDO, The Future is Fluid – Constructing Integral Spaces

How can we go beyond our individualist and anthropocentric conception of space? How can we place the spectator in a new relation to space and time? How can we enable the audience, for a period of time, to experience a foreign, exterior, perhaps collective point of view? During the Renaissance, the mastering of the rules of perspective participated in the radical movement that challenged the principles of science, art and society. Which are the tools that are provided to us by today’s research on perception, cognitive science and new technologies in order to shatter once again the foundations of our belief systems?

The module is run by Julie Beauvais, artist and director currently based in Switzerland. Her body of work ranges from opera, theatre and choreographic works, to performative installations and transterritorial cooperation programs. This innovative one-day to three-day intensive provides an approach that goes beyond the traditional divisions into media (movement, architecture, music, video, installation and new media), themes (paradigm shift, spaces, temporalities, performative and non- performative forms) or methods (Jacques Lecoq, Pauline Oliveros, deep listening techniques, outdoors experiments, collective or individual initiatives). Its unusual groupings are based on the hybrid reality of contemporary artistic practice. The classes offer an interdisciplinary technical approach and a series of 1:1-scale artistic experiments.

Julie Beauvais’ workshop at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne