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Visual Arts

Paloma Ayala at PhotoKTM 5

Paloma Ayala
Cookout Lecture and Performance
25 March 2023, 11am – 4pm
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rearticulation of Codex Mendoza, Riikka Tauriainen 2021

Paloma Ayala (b.1980, Matamoros, Mexico) is a visual artist interested in exploring and empowering the relationship between domestic living strategies and political contexts. She is a diaspora mother and a mestiza daughter whose work addresses historical or social issues that impact the ecological . Paloma’s projects nourish visions of connection between human and more than human spheres, they dream of emancipation from marginalizing dominant structures, and emphasize practices of care across different topographies and borders. Her favorite spaces to work range from kitchen to river shore, from international crossing bridge to agricultural land, from community meeting to aquelarre. Her work takes the form of publications, videos, installations, reading/cooking sessions, and zine workshops directed to different public, including humans outside of cultural institutions.

For PhotoKTM 5, Paloma will host a cooking workshop and a lecture performance where she will story-tell family histories linked to the agricultural worker´s displacement and ecological damages happening at the MX/US border.

Paloma’s work is rooted in her home, the eastern US/MX border landscapes, simultaneously blooming in her current base in Zurich.