Our Offices & Partners Abroad

For detailed information please click on the offices and cultural centres below. For further information on the headquarters in Zurich please go to: www.prohelvetia.ch


Policies relating to Pro Helvetia’s governance:

Code of Conduct

Pro Helvetia’s employees are committed to ethical behaviour in order to contribute to the credibility and exemplarity that characterizes the Foundation’s public image, policy and culture of trustworthiness. The Code of Conduct applies to all employees worldwide, in business matters as well as with other employees, the public, the authorities and partners.

Code of Conduct (PDF)

Anti-Harassment policy

The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia has a zero tolerance policy towards all forms of harassment and discrimination in the working environment and expects the same from its external stakeholders, applicants and partner institutions worldwide. As a public foundation, Pro Helvetia has the responsibility and obligation to define clear rules, processes and measures, for internal and external cases. In the specific event of non-compliance, Pro Helvetia considers itself authorised to draw the appropriate consequences with regard to cooperation and the payment of support funds. Reports regarding harassment are taken seriously, treated confidentially and will be thoroughly pursued. A person who reports a relevant case to Pro Helvetia should not fear that he or she will be disadvantaged as a result.

Data Protection Policy

Pro Helvetia respects the privacy of its website users and customers. The Foundation is committed to treating the information provided with due care and responsibility, at all times and in compliance with the relevant data protection regulations and our data protection policy.

Data Protection Policy