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Shirin Shaikh on research trip to Switzerland

Photo credit: Nagesh Wagh

Shirin Shaikh
Photo courtesy: Shirin Shaikh

Originally from Mumbai, Shirin Shaikh is a multidisciplinary artist and illustrator currently living in Switzerland. As one of India’s first female graffiti artists, she has pioneered murals, graffiti, and installation all over India for NGOs, residencies, and commercial clients.

Educated originally as a computer engineer, Shirin returned to her artistic roots and has been an active member of the growing Indian art fraternity.

Practically, Shirin mainly works with graphite, oils, embroidery as well as digital illustrations. She has also conducted workshops, organised art festivals, and worked on sculptures and home decor projects. Her time these days is spent balancing between studio work and wall murals.

During her research trip, Shirin aims to study the evolution of graffiti culture within Switzerland in three main aspects: the evolution of graffiti/murals from vandalism towards a well-respected and established art form; the socio-political themes and messages that are expressed in graffiti alongside purely artistic pursuits; and interactions with local artists to learn about their background and their opinions of this field.

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