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Dance Music

Steve Buchanan at Serendipity Arts Festival

Sound Interventions
Steve Buchanan
19 – 21 DEC
DB Ground, Panjim

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StepPer Live is an inter-disciplinary trans-rhythmic art form that has mesmerised people worldwide. “StepPer” Steve Buchanan makes dance from music, and music from dance. This is achieved by dancing on his self-designed Reflective Data Tranz Danz Floor, by which music and dance create each other simultaneously. A visual and audio feast for the rhythms of the hands and feet, StepPer travels from dance floor to trance floor, no beat, break beat, electro afro, Indian spin, drone, industrial, ethno, jazz, swing, BPM machine, Hoodoo Vodoo, and all between, StepPer: DJ as Dancer, Dancer as DJ, vinyl and turntables not necessary, StepPer is the beat.

2nd Line is an interactive percussion unit, which allows for full integration of dance and music. A musician can dance any percussion sound and/ or rhythmic ensemble; conversely, a dancer the same. 2nd Line is the 8th generational form of Bucussion, an invention of Steve Buchanan, who designed both instrument and accompanying techniques. The present design is capable of any percussion sound: battery, conga, tabla, tympani, gongs, etc. It is also compatible with all present tech mediums, and can be used with any interface visual as well as sonor, a prime example presently being the use of programmable LEDs. Although the sounds are represented by digital means, no simple drum sequences, or just push a button sample work are utilized as primary expression.