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Sound Reasons- sound art, contemporary Jazz and electronic music

Sound Reasons I - V

Swiss artists

Andy Guhl
Bernd Schurer
da Saz
Hans Koch / 2012
Jan Schacher( Jasch) / 2012
Marcus Maeder
Robin Meier
Salomé Voegelin
Thomas Peter / 2012
Zimoun / 2016

The objective of Sound Reasons – the festival for sound art, contemporary Jazz and electronic music is to promote the contemporary transcultural strain of international electronic music and sound art in India by expanding awareness among the audience.

As a part of a multidisciplinary domain for sound art and experimental electronic music, the aim is to create installations, concerts/ live performances along with workshops.

Pro Helvetia New Delhi has supported the festival and given an opportunity to various Swiss electronic musicians and sound artists to showcase their work in India and other countries in South Asia. Indian artists have been encouraged to share the platform and collaborate with counterparts from Switzerland.

Sound Reasons 2012                                Sound Reasons 2013

Sound Reasons 2014                                Sound Reasons 2015

Sound Reasons 2016


Art Illustrated (volume 3/ Issue 3)