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Swiss and Indian literary figures in “Language and Diversity Dialogues”

The ‘Switzerland-India: Language and Diversity Dialogues’ series will comprise exciting panel discussion sessions and author interactions between Swiss and Indian authors ––where each session will have an author from each country engage in a dialogue about the role of linguistic diversity and ethnic diversity in highlighting issues related to identity (gender, sexuality, race, etc.). Kicking off on 5 June 2021 these panels and activities will continue till 22 July 2021.

The series aims to provide a platform for showcasing the diverse cultures and identities that form the social fabric of both Switzerland and India.

Authors and Sessions 

The series will begin with a conversation about intersectionality in queer spaces. Writers Max Lobe and Santa Khurai will talk about their experience navigating these spaces in different cultural contexts, and attempt to unpack the intersections dominating queer circles. This session will be followed by a discussion on the relationship between home and language with renowned Swiss writer Dragica Rajčić Holzner. The third session, to be held in the first week of July, will focus on the work of writer and journalist Alexandre Hmine, along with Shahnaz Bashir, exploring topics of identity, memory and belonging. The last session of the series will focus on, perhaps, the greatest bridge for cross-cultural conversations—translation. Joined by popular Indian translator Arunava Sinha and Swiss poet Prisca Agustoni, the session will discuss the role translations play in destigmatising intersectional identities. Alongwith the sessions, we will be conducting social media activities throughout the months of June and July to engage our audience with the writers and themes of the series. 

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