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Swiss Jazz Hour on Boxout.fm

Swiss Jazz Hour on Boxout.fm
Wednesdays 5PM IST / 12:30 PM CEST
First Radio Broadcast – 17.11.2021
Last Radio Broadcast – 2.02.2022

BOXOUT.FM in collaboration with Simon Petermann will produce and host a weekly show titled “Swiss Jazz Hour”. The weekly show will be divided into 6 chapters, and broadcasted every Wednesday over the span of 3 months, each chapter conceptualised and produced with a specific focus on Swiss Jazz. The show aims to spark collaborations and cross-cultural connections around Swiss Jazz among artist communities from Switzerland and India, and to open the channels of creative collaboration and cultural dialogue between both countries.

Simon Petermann (Fischermanns Orchestra, MoonMot, Jazz am Sunntig) is BOXOUT.FM’s Swiss correspondent for this project.

A handpicked group of radio presenters from Swiss community radio stations – Radio RaBe, Radio 3Fach, Radio Gwendalyn and Radio Fribourg – will be leading and hosting interviews with the most successful and acclaimed Swiss Jazz musicians, building on their preexisting programming that focuses on the current Swiss Jazz scene.

Each chapter of the show will focus on distinct aspects of Swiss Jazz. The show will cover the history of the genre, record labels, emerging talents in jazz music, jazz festivals, traditional music’s role in jazz and cross-cultural diversity in Swiss Jazz. 


In the opening episode of the ‘Swiss Jazz Hour’ on boxout.fm, Manon Mullener and Athina Dill from Radio Bern Rabe shine a spotlight on the rise and advent of jazz in Switzerland. We listen to music from early beginnings in the 1920s and 1930s when Jazz began as dance music, to some of the most important recordings from later eras recorded by musicians like Irene Schweizer or Sylvie Courvoisier.

Follow the Swiss Jazz Hour playlist for all episodes on various platforms.