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Marc Lee to create network-oriented interactive art projects

Swiss Artist Marc Lee will present the “Lodhi Art District Mobile App” focusing on how places are constantly changing, language diversity, plant and animal species are diminishing and buildings, shopping centres and cities are becoming more and more similar.

START Festival at Lodhi Art District New Delhi
from 8 February onwards

Marc Lee will present two of his works:
10.000 Moving Cities – Same but Different
An interactive net-based installation. Visitors can select any city or place, using a digital interface. About the chosen place, the Internet is searched in real time for latest text, image, video and sound informations. Four projectors and eight audio speakers project the results into the space. Visitors are able to walk through the model and experience the information in 3D.

On exhibit at KONA, 1, Jor Bagh Market, New Delhi 110003
From 22 February onwards

Echolocation – Interactive Net-Based Multi Screen Installation
In “Echolocation” users can choose any location on a map and move through stories posted from there by others on social networks like YouTube, Flickr and Twitter. Here these personal impressions are streamed in real time like windows to our changing world.

About the artist:
Marc Lee is a Swiss media artist who creates network-oriented interactive art projects, interactive installations, media art, internet art, performance art and video art. He is experiments with information and communication technologies and within his contemporary art practice, reflects creative, cultural, social, economic and political aspects.

More about Marc Lee at http://marclee.io/en/home/

Image: Marc Lee | Echolocation – Mapping the Free Flow of Information Around the World in Realtime