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Swiss participation at Karachi Biennale

Ursula Biemman, Acoustic Ocean

In its second iteration, Karachi Biennale 2019 (KB19) strives to capture the spirit and concerns of the city’s 22 million inhabitants, especially ecology.

Following Nele Dechmann’s workshop on sustainable exhibition design, three other Swiss artists will also present works on urban sustainability.

Artist Ursula Biemann‘s film “Acoustic Ocean” based on the waterline below Norway’s Lofoten Islands is a rallying cry against environmental degradation.

Meanwhile artist duo Monica Studer and Christoph van den Berg will present a livecam installation, “Explorer”, made entirely in Karachi where audiences are seated on a platform facing  3D rendered shrubbery.

Studer / van der Berg, “Explorer”

There will also be Victorine Müller‘s work “Timeline”, an inflated PVC sculpture of an elephant that she uses as her medium and space for performance, to question the representation and materiality of the body. More information here.