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The Great Harry Hillman in SPOTLIGHT series


The Great Harry Hillman
19 Sept 2021, 9 pm IST
Free online event
Register here.

The Great Harry Hillman will feature in the upcoming episode of the online SPOTLIGHT series alongside two other bands from India and France.

You would be correct to assume that a band named in tribute to a 20th-century American athlete would not adhere to staid standards. Their music combines jazz, rock, and improv into a subdued, layered, yet thrilling sound – quiet but powerful, played by four thoughtful musicians who are more than capable of rocking out when they feel like it. The quartet has been playing together for over ten years.

In its second episode of their virtual musical showcases, the SPOTLIGHT series features The Great Harry Hillman alongside talents from India and France. The three bands will play for 10 minutes each in 30 minutes of showtime. This free online event is presented by Gatecrash in collaboration with Skillbox. Register here.