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“To-gather” International Collaboration supported projects

Wet Land: a group that experiments, dabbles and plays

Watch their Instagram video here.

A black handmade kite being flown from a cemetery in Kotte, Colombo.

The «To-gather» International Collaboration call supports 2–3-year collaborations between arts practitioners, cultural organisations and institutions in Switzerland and their counterparts in the regions of the Pro Helvetia liaison offices.

WET LAND, one of the projects that received the To-Gather grant, has its roots in the many walks taken around marshes near Rajagiriya, Colombo.
It is now a multidisciplinary group of artists residing in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, the UK, Switzerland, and Germany who have come together to muse, share, and participate in a process which wishes to shed light on the hyper-personal processes of creation and re-creation, as well as the sourcing of material, and the implications and mechanisms behind showing, releasing, and collaborating within different contexts.

The wetland itself is present as a method of perception, a contested place which has inspired unexpected thoughts on subversion, refusal, and dominance, and a place with its own autonomy. It is a place which moves in a particular way, and by learning those movements Wet Land as a group experiments, dabbles, and plays.

The participants in Wet Land are

Abdul Halik Azeez @colombedouin
Deborah Joyce Holman @fantigold
Firi Rahman @ifiri
Gil Schneider @gilschneider
Jackie Poloni @yantanministry
Meghal Perera @meghal92
Omer Wasim @owasim
Roman Selim Khereddine @rs_khereddine
Sandev Handy @sandevhandy
Shahana Rajani @shanzroll
Tashyana Handy @tashy_anna
Zahra Malkani @zahrammm